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Arriving in Zambia


We arrived in Zambia Saturday evening after 2 days of travel!  We were exhausted, emotional  and excited.. all wrapped up in one!  We were greeted by a super friendly Camp Life staff, a choir of beautiful voices worshiping in song and dance, and the most beautiful scenery/backdrop I think I have ever seen.

It was truly powerful and evident from the very beginning that God was working and the Holy Spirit was moving..and this was just the first day!




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Photo by Kate Swail 🙂

Sunday was our first full day and a special one for sure….We worshipped together with the Zambian children, in their language and ours.  The songs were songs of celebration as well as a cry for Jesus to come down.  I remember the lyrics of a particular song that spoke to my heart that day…“We need you Jesus, it’s hard without you”.  So simple, yet this message is the cry of my heart every day…And  it’s the same with these children.  They believe Jesus is THE answer, and their honest and deep need for Him was heard in every song.  They don’t take anything for granted and the work that God is doing through Family Legacy is giving them an opportunity for a life outside of poverty they would not have  otherwise.


I met two women on Sunday that God so graciously put in my path…Wendy and Elizabeth! Wendy was sitting in the worship center among hundreds of Zambian children as we entered into the Legacy Center.  It was packed and we didn’t see many open seats.  Grace left to snag an empty chair and I sat near her across the aisle.  A few seats down sat Wendy, who quickly introduced herself to Grace and eventually to me.

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It was a brief conversation, but one that gave me the opportunity to share with her about Warren.  The look in her eyes and the kind words she spoke were more than the typical sympathy gesture.  It ends up she is walking a similar journey with one of her best friends who has a son in Heaven.

Here we are, both from Texas, sitting in this room in Africa, full of people…and God uses her journey/story to encourage my hurting heart.  I’ve even heard Grace tell the story of meeting Wendy..and how crazy it was that of all the places for us to find a seat in that crowded room…God sat us next to her!!



My “evangelist” or “Zambian helper”… This is her title but, she is SO MUCH MORE and the time spent getting to know her and work beside her is forever etched on my heart.  She is in her 30’s, married with 2 children.  She has a son and a daughter.  Her son lives in Heaven.  He died 2 days after he was born.  She is a grieving mother who has placed her complete faith and trust in Jesus Christ.  Her hope is Jesus.  She smiles and laughs because she has set her sights on eternity….

IMG_8022This precious girl is who I was paired with!!  God gave me Elizabeth!  We, of course immediately bonded because we both have children in heaven.  Only another mother who has experienced the death of a child can truly relate ..and that she did!  We embraced.  We cried.  We laughed. We shared our stories.

Elizabeth prayed some of the most beautiful prayers I think I’ve ever heard.  She came to me each morning with a Word or a scripture. Her rock solid love for Jesus was contagious and encouraging.

I miss her and think of her often.  What a blessing she is to me!


Monday through Friday

As if Sunday weren’t enough God had so much more in store for us throughout the week.  More special people and special moments… seeing God at work in Zambia has left us wanting more of Jesus.  That one week, those 7 days, and 10 boys (each!)..have challenged me to live differently.

The children…

Most (all) of these kids are living in less than ideal situations.  Abandoned.  Orphaned.  Some sleep on the floor, or a chair, maybe, if they’re lucky, they share a bed with another family member.  Most eat only once or twice a day.  They are not in school.  The boys in my group are between the ages of 7&10 and most have never been to school.

You can help…We can help!  

Family Legacy has 22 privately-owned and operated Legacy Academy schools within 18 different communities of Lusaka, Zambia.

Each child that is sponsored receives a daily hot meal, school supplies, uniforms and Christian discipleship services.

Family Legacy believes that educating these children is just the beginning to growing a new generation of Christian leaders in Zambia.

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Below is a link for you to visit the Family Legacy website to learn more about how you can invest in the lives of these children.

Click Here

If you are interested in this type of commitment, we still have a few that need your help!  I would love to share more about this, so you can message me below.

Yes, its a financial commitment, but it’s also a commitment to pray and stay connected with your child.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to invest in Eternity, to have Kingdom vision, & to use the gifts God has given us to help someone less fortunate.

I continue to be amazed by God’s faithfulness.  I don’t know why I’m often surprised when He comes through so specifically and intentionally, like putting such amazing people in my life from Family Legacy!!  I find myself just saying, “Wow! God you’ve done it again.  Taking our unimaginable pain and loss and turning it into gain…His gain.”


IMG_3877I can’t imagine this journey without Jesus.  My heart aches for Warren every single day.  I miss him so much!  Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have him back, to hear his voice, to laugh and joke with him.  I am constantly wondering what he would be like today…15 going on 16.  Almost driving…dating? baseball? friends? I know he wouldn’t trade eternity for those things, but my mind and my heart just can’t fully let go of the “what if’s”….

I surrender to His sovereign plan….but it’s a decision I have to make over and over again.  Missing my boy will always be part of who I am, what I do, what I feel…But it isn’t without hope that I miss Warren.  I miss Warren knowing One Day I will see him again!!  I’m thankful for this promise.  I love you Jesus!  I love you Warren!!



  1. My dear friend – I really have no words. My heart is broken for you. It will always be broken for you and yet, I see what good works you are doing in Warren’s name and I am in awe of your faith. You will have the most glorious reunion with your son and it will be all that much sweeter because of your unwavering faith in God. I love you so.


  2. So sweet!
    So happy for your experience there. Thank you for being an inspiration to me. 💙


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