Not All Who Wander Are Lost – Or Are We?

When my focus becomes more on me than on Jesus, and the reality feels overwhelming, I feel lost. I stumble and fall with little strength to pull myself up. Thankfully, though, it is here I am reminded I have a Savior who is greater, and unlike the ever-changing "seasons," he is steady and true.

Into Marvelous Light I’m Running

We love you Warren Austin Barfield with every fiber of our being. We stretch our necks as far as they can stretch - Looking up toward that eastern sky - Listening for the sound of the trumpet - Until that day, Dear Jesus, help us to be steadfast, immovable and always looking for ways to make much of YOUR NAME!

May Is Here

And each day the beautiful mess of grief and great loss becomes the very thing that opens my eyes to the unexplainable joy of Jesus.

The Silence Seems Loud

No matter how loud the silence. The blankness. The unanswered prayers. The wondering if He hears us at all...go back under the faucet. Get there, whether you feel like it or not. Recall His faithfulness. Preach to yourself what you know, because you've experienced it and seen His goodness.

We Believe

We Believe. We Believe Jesus is better. We Believe all His promises are true. We believe God sent his one and only son to earth. We Believe he was crucified and died. We Believe he rose again. We Believe He will return. We Believe the best is yet to come.

Believe…The Backstory

This Believe Sign has been placed in our yard now for 5 Christmases. It is more than just a Christmas decoration we pull down out of the attic. After Warren died I had a lot of questions, but God had one for me too... "Do you believe?" .....He does not drop us in the middle of a trial and whisper "good luck" leaving us to figure a way out on our own. Even when it seems there is nothing but darkness and uncertainty pulling us under. When the silence seems to say we are all alone. He is present, He is holding us & He is working. Breakthrough is coming. We need only to believe. But what does that look like?

Another “Tomorrow”

Grace was sitting, legs crossed, on the kitchen counter. As I turned around, spoke one word, I felt my lip quiver and as hard as I tried I couldn't keep the tears from falling. I could tell her eyes were watery too and I stepped in close. The heaviness of the moment, that I had unsuccessfully tried to avoid, brought a silence and a mutual understanding that bringing up "tomorrow", no matter how hard we try, is just really, really, tough.