It was cool and damp.  The ground was soft and my heels sank into the ground.  I hugged family and saw some for the first time since Warren died.  I remember hearing people whisper…”You’re going to have to help there for her.” I remember sitting, holding Bills hand tightly, trying to be strong for Grace.  I remember singing.  I wanted to worship…I wanted to sing..because I wasn’t sure what would happen if I took my eyes off Jesus.

To take my eyes off Jesus meant a coffin, a cemetery..death. All of which I didn’t want to face or accept as my reality…I just couldn’t.

Someone suggested we have a photographer…  I couldn’t imagine why at the time.  But what do I know… 2 years later…looking back, these pictures tell a story.  A story of brokenness and great loss.  A story of strength and courage.  A story of community coming together.  A story of family and friends serving and loving each other….A story of a boy that left a legacy worth remembering and honoring.

At the cemetery…I don’t remember specifics about this moment..except that my heart hurt and I simply couldn’t wrap my mind around how this could be me…I do however, remember this breeze, it was noticeable and in that moment I was very aware of His Presence and the unexplainable peace He was providing in very tangible ways.



Our church family…We honestly would not be where we are on this journey without the amazing support, encouragement and love from our church family at First Baptist.  So many people that served us in those days are still around and continue to Love us in ways that give us  much needed strength.



His service…I remember as we planned this service we wanted it to be worshipful.  For some this may have been uncomfortable…but the time of praise was exactly what our weary, broken hearts needed.  Forever grateful to the singers and musicians who led us into the Courts of Praise that day.


“Uncle Bob…..” Warren’s love of hunting and all things outdoors came from this man.


“It Is Well With My Soul…..”  Let it always be.


Warren’s sermon to many given by our pastor…  #Jesussaves #saltandlight #notwasted #cityonahill

RBI …’a run batted in is credited to the batter for the number of runners who score due to the hit by the batter’  #ISTOODUP #JESUSSAVES #RISEUP



Praying especially this moment for those who ‘stood’…for those who felt the spiritual tug of the Holy Spirit December 2nd, two years ago.  Praying that as we look back and remember, we are encouraged to move step at a time.  One day at a time…

I was reminded by a sweet 7 year old who recently lost her mother, that there are 2 ways to look at death…”when I say my mom just died, that makes me sad.  When I say, my mom died BUT she’s in Heaven, I’m  not as sad …!”

oh the simple faith of a child….eternal lenses…perspectiveđź’™



Rising up! Praying tonight for hurting hearts and others struggling to make sense of death and life eternal.  Why so much pain and suffering…?  Why the brokenness and the loneliness of losing a loved one.  Your ways are higher…and your plans far greater than we could ever imagine…O, but Jesus we need you this night!


  1. I thought of you, as I often do, when I looked at the sunrise this morning and prayed that you would not feel alone. We will never forget Warren and are so grateful for his impact on our family. I love you friend!


  2. Thank you for these beautiful words, Julie! You have an amazing gift and thank you for sharing with us. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Warren and your entire family. You, Bill and Grace continue to show amazing strength through your faith and your love for Jesus. Love you, sweet friend!


  3. Julie, it was so good to hug Traces neck the other day! Wow!! He’s gotten so tall.
    It might be silly but I’ve cooked Brussel sprouts recently (I couldn’t for a while because it made me so sad)..and the joy it brings and the memories of Warren coming home after being at the lake with you guys makes me smile. He bugged me until I got your recipe. He loved Brussel sprouts.. of all things.
    Love you so much!!


  4. Thank you for sharing this. Sloan and I were there and we both stood up. It was so powerful and changed us forever.


  5. We love all of you, Julie. Thank you for sharing your memories from Warren’s service. It was a day of worship none of us will forget, and all of us have been changed since that day. It was beautiful, painful and so impactful, as I believe Warren intended it to be for us. “Somebody pick him up!” And they did – his teammates and so many of Warren’s friends in Christ, all picked him up and still do in their grieving hearts. Warren’s memory and legacy pick us all up and remind us to keep our trust in Him.


  6. These pictures. Wow. Thank you for sharing them with usđź’™ That service; nothing like I’ve ever experienced. So powerful, personal, impactful.

    And, to think you were being the hands and feet yesterday, of all days. Continue to #ComeHolySpiritYouAreWelcomeHere….Always

    Love you!


  7. This December 2nd I was at a viewing for my best friend’s dad, who died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 52. The next day was the funeral…. I so understand what it is like to grieve someone’s early loss, but also to experience the incredible hope and comfort of knowing that he is not really lost, because he is with the Lord in glory!

    I know that losing a child is another sort of grief altogether…. Nearly 8 years ago now I lost a 5-year-old cousin to cancer… I know her parents are still very much struggling in their grief. But from what you have written, I can see that you are not responding in bitterness, but that you are leaning more and more on our Savior. Keep holding on to Him; He will never let you go.

    2 Thes. 3:16

    A song I sent to my friend that touched my heart was “It is Not Death to Die”:


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