IMG_0007 IMG_0008 2Well, I must give a ‘shout out’ to the San Antonio spurs…

My parent’s are what you would call ‘die-hard’ Spurs Fans!!  They recruited both Warren and Grace as fans at an early age! 🙂  We lived in San Antonio for a short time (2008-2010), and during that time Warren’s grandparents turned us into loyal Spurs fans!!  They play tonight (a must win for them) and we will be watching.  I couldn’t help but dig up some old pictures to share!!

Nana & Granddad taking Warren to Spurs game...
Nana & Granddad taking Warren to Spurs game…2009

IMG_0545I also want to share with you how very proud I am of my amazingly strong husband!!  As most of you know, baseball was Warren’s sport of choice!  He played for years, and Bill coached (in some fashion),  and I loved every minute of sitting in the stands cheering him on.  For the last couple of years he played pretty much year round, so as you can imagine as this season got under way we felt a tremendous amount of sorrow as his baseball bag with bat and helmet did not come off the hook in the garage, and the bucket of balls serve as a reminder of everything we are missing out on.  Well, a friend and fellow coach began asking Bill to coach a team with him… A 10U team at SBMSA ~ the Hurricanes.  To be honest, I really did not think it was a good idea..ends up, I was wrong! (which could be an entirely separate post)

For me, the idea of returning to the baseball fields without Warren seems brutal.  However, for Bill this has proven to be a time of healing..doing what he loves and spending time on the very fields where he and Warren created memories that will last a lifetime.

2015 10U Hurricanes
2015 10U Hurricanes

The play-offs begin today for the Hurricanes ~(1rst place divisional champs) 🙂  Bill is extremely proud of the boys…but, I am very proud of him!!  I love this man so much.  Go Hurricanes!!

Here are a few pictures from Warren’s years as a Hurricane!!

2013~Proud mom
2013~Proud mom
Tatum loved watching Warren play when they would come and visit....2013
Tatum loved watching Warren play when they would come and visit….2013
Grace...always proud to celebrate with Warren
Grace…always proud to celebrate with Warren

2013 Hurricane Champions

2013 Champions!
2013 Champions!
2014 Hurricanes
2014 Hurricanes

As our days continue to be difficult and we face more 1st’s without Warren, I am forced to lean into Jesus with everything I’ve got.  It’s hard and sometimes very exhausting…But, the alternative would be facing each day with no we will hold on, lean in and trust that He knows way better than we do, what we need.

fun at the dentist :)
fun at the dentist 🙂

Who would have thought that a routine trip to the dentist would be an emotional ‘1st’?  My stomach was in knots just walking Grace in.  I couldn’t stop thinking about how Warren should be with us.  They should be fighting about who would receive a better report from the dentist.  (yes, they would fight about this)  As soon as Grace went to the back, I sat holding it in for as long as I could.  I stepped into the bathroom and sobbed.  He should be here!!!!!!!

IMG_0314That sweet boy had more “teeth” issues!  I think the dentist pulled more than he lost on his own 🙂  He had braces put on in January 2013…Oh how excited he was.  I assume he was within months of getting his braces off.  (I think they had said he would wear them for about 2 years) I can’t wait to see that beautiful smile with no braces!!


Oh, my sweet Warren…I just miss the day to day, dentist, dr. appointments, trips to the grocery store…baseball games, watching the Spurs .  I miss hanging out with you bud.  We all do.  My heart hurts and I long  to have you here…but as we journey this road God is teaching me so much. He is using YOU to show me how much I need HIM!!

Your Dad and I were just talking about how when we say “Heaven is better”, we aren’t sure we really mean it.  See, for us what seems better, is if you could come back.  We would do anything to have you here… but that’s when we press into Jesus and trust that He knows whats BEST!

So, we cling to the verse in Proverbs…(I remember teaching you and Grace this verse with hand motions 🙂 So fun!!)

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in ALL your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight” Proverbs 3:5-6

We will continue to trust in the only One who will not let us down~He is our Hope and He promises not to leave us.  The truth is, God keeps coming through…meeting us exactly where we need Him!!  I don’t want to miss what God is doing…So we are watching and waiting…We are moving and allowing God to usher in new with us!  HE is big and we are small…

One more quick thing…I wanted to share  a link to HFBC website.  They asked if we would share our story and of course, we said yes!  Our story, or rather God’s story, involves so many of you and i wanted to make sure to share it with you.  It also has a link to Warren’s celebration service.  I had not watched it until last night.  God used the words of both pastors to remind me that this (warren’s life & death) will not be wasted… I was encouraged to “Rise Up”, and to share boldly that Jesus is enough!

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