A week ago we were honored to present 5 Stratford HS seniors

with the first ‘Warren Barfield Scholarship’.


This scholarship in honor of Warren’s life and legacy was made possible because of the money raised by a local group in our neighborhood known as The Wilchester Men’s Club.  We were blown away by the generosity of those in our community and couldn’t  think of a better way to use it than to give back.  So with the help of our amazing friends at the Spring Branch Education Foundation office we created the Warren Barfield Scholarship to be given to graduating seniors for college.

As much as I’d like to express what an honor it was to be part of such a special evening (and it was!), I must also admit how very surreal it was.  I could hardly wrap my mind around the reason we were there, yet at the same time.. the reason we were there consumed my every thought.  It was difficult not to look around and think..”Warren will never have this opportunity.  He will not graduate from HS.”  My insides hurt and my eyes stung from the tears I tried to not let fall.  It was another moment that just didn’t belong…How could this be my life?  My story?

A side note…

Bill and I have started wearing our new Fit Bit’s to track our steps as motivation to exercise more…Well, this thing is so cool that not only does it tell me how many steps I have taken, it also vibrates when I get a text.  🙂

Before we left for the event I had texted a few people to be praying…

As we were standing outside the banquet room, waiting to go in…. literally my wrist begins to vibrate…over and over and over…Each vibration was a text….a different prayer of encouragement!!! 

I was not alone!!  I was being covered in prayer and (because I can be so stupid/slow sometimes) God used a physical touch to remind me that, once again, He would be enough!   I mean, how cool is that? 🙂


It’s NOT about me

The evening was special.  Each recipient was genuinely grateful.  In my mind I guess I had envisioned talking to each student and sharing our story… etc. etc….  It did not turn out that way.  However, what I heard God whisper to me was that all of  ‘this’..Warren’s story, our journey, it’s God’s to use, not mine.  It’s not about me!!  

God is always working.  I believe that with my whole heart.  I am just here to live in such a way that others will know.. it’s NOT me, but God.

I pray God will use me.  I pray that I will not waste one opportunity to be a light that points others to Jesus.


21 years…


Thankful to have this man by my side.  May 19, 2005 1995 (oops!) 🙂 I married my best friend.  The last year 1/2  we’ve had to fight harder for things we used to take for granted.  I love you Bill Barfield with every fiber of my being…we’ve got this…HE’S got us and NOTHING is impossible as long as we keep our focus on Jesus.




tbt…  🙂

This popped up in my ‘Timehop” app today.  This is part of a letter Warren wrote to his Granddad after learning that he had been sick.  I cannot tell you what it means to have these scriptures written in Warren’s handwriting.



March 2012 5th Grade-Character Without Question

I can’t wait to see you Warren Austin….I love you-MORE!



  1. So beautiful, Julie. The scholarship recipients are better for having received this blessing from you, through Warren and our savior. Congratulations to you and Bill on your 21st anniversary!! Much love to all of you!


  2. Awesome….Warren will live here on earth in our hearts and souls until we can say “Love You” and give him a hug.


  3. So sweet of you to share your heart.
    You do point others to Jesus….all the time.
    You are honoring Warren in the most beautiful way and it’s always a blessing to hear your words about him.
    Thank you,
    Allegra 💙


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