But as for me, I will look to the Lord;

I will wait for the God of my salvation;

My God will hear me.

Rejoice not over me, O my enemy;

When I fall, I will RISE

When I sit in darkness,

the Lord will be a LIGHT to me.

Micah 7:7-8

Remembering…This past weekend seemed to mimic the weekend 2 years ago that Warren was injured in an ATV accident that ultimately took his life….or better said, the weekend Warren met Jesus face to face, the weekend Warren made it Home!  The weather & the blue skies…it was so similar and hard to ignore.

The details of the weekend and how normal life seemed to be until that horrible moment have me thinking and remembering…

The obvious….How VERY much we miss Warren and wish that day almost 2 years ago had turned out differently.

The other…How quickly life can change, how fleeting this life is, & most importantly, how all of this points me to Jesus ..STILL!

It’s been almost 2 years, and I’m not sure if it seems like yesterday or the longest 2 years of my life..Both, maybe.  But One thing remains, our Hope is Jesus.  He is the Light of the world and because of this Promise, we will RISE UP and be thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ..and because of The Gospel we KNOW that Warren is ALIVE and we will see him again…

You remembering Warren is important to us.  It is important to know that you have not forgotten.   I know the how and the what are difficult and you want to be respectful …if it makes you feel any better, even within our immediate family, we don’t always know what we want or need..and that may actually complicate things , BUT what we do know is that however you choose to remember our boy…it will be perfect!

Be a LIGHT, Be the Hands and Feet of Jesus to a neighbor, Show kindness, Talk about Warren, Be thankful, Post a favorite memory, Send us a text, Wear your camo, Let someone know they are LOVED…Share on social media #warrenswarriors




We are grateful for our family, friends..our entire community and how so many of you have bravely walked beside us ..both near and from a distance.  We have not forgotten and we could not possibly thank you enough.

This song and the lyrics are a powerful reminder of Jesus and the unshakeable Hope we have in Him.  He is the One that quiets our doubts, echos within us every Promise.  His Word is louder than our fears and His JOY is greater than our grief.

I have set my heart on You.  You have every part of me.







My heart has been stirring since walking out of the Toyota Center Monday afternoon.  Stirring and overflowing with a sense of urgency…An urgency to Trust God bigger and Believe that there is MORE.  Not an urgency associated with fear…more like an eagerness to know Him and see Him and remember Him.

“Yes, Lord, walking in the way of your truth, we wait eagerly for you, for your name and your renown are the desire of our souls.” Isaiah 26:8

2016-01-02 19.17.08

We had the amazing opportunity to be part of Passion 2016 over the weekend.  This is a “Jesus” movement that is typically geared toward the younger generation…18-25 year olds.  (We are way older than that…!!)  However, we were able to “sneak” in (not really, but…) and be under some crazy amazing teaching and praise and worship. This event couldn’t be more timely as we face another year on our journey of grief!



“It is my privilege and my purpose to share the hope and joy of Jesus!” ~Louie Giglio (Passion 2016)



I told Bill that being in the presence of Jesus with that many people singing and worshipping the King of Kings must be a tiny taste of what Heaven will be like.  At one point one of the worship leaders (I think it was Chris Tomlin) said, “Let’s join with the saints as we worship…”  I remember looking up, as if I just might be able to “see” the Heavens open up and all of His glory would be visible to the human eye.  I pictured myself standing with Warren as we sang, worshiping with complete abandon…Free, humbled, unworthy and yet completely loved by my Heavenly Father.  

He is a Good, Good Father…. and I am more convinced of this than ever before.




JW Marriott in San Antonio ~ One of our favorite places

My life and my testimony are not squeaky clean…in fact, I have things in my past (and my present )that I’m not proud of…But here’s the Good news…when God looks at me He doesn’t see any of it.  Because of  His great mercy and love for me, He sent His son to die on a cross. He paid the ultimate price for my past, present and future sin.  Because of the empty grave I worship a living Savior!!  I am alive in Christ Jesus because before the foundation of the world He chose me.  I am a daughter of the King!!!  He loves me…And He loves you!  He is pursuing you and wants a relationship with you …and with me!  


As we face another 365 (minus the 6 that have already passed) days without Warren I just wonder how God is going to make them count.  I want my answer to whatever He asks of me to be “Yes!”  The good, the hard, the celebrations, the trials…the waiting.

So, as we move into 2016 “eagerly” waiting and watching for Jesus I wanted to share a few of my “favorite things”!!


*You MUST go to i-tunes right now and download the Passion CD-Salvation’s Tide Is Rising.  It is SO good!!  Our personal favorite song at this moment is ‘Simple Pursuit’… but they are all good!


*Through The Eyes Of A Lion is a MUST read.  Levi Lusko spoke at Passion and his story will touch you.  His little girl Lenya died suddenly after an asthma attack in 2012.  His story is powerful and FULL of HOPE!

IMG_0015_2cheer competition in Galveston 2013 ~Such a supportive big brother 🙂

Jesus, help me to love you more than life.  You are my greatest treasure and I can’t imagine life outside of Your presence.  Take me deeper with you.   Awaken my heart and mind to MORE of you.  Give me courage to “go, and tell”…

This Good News is too good not to share!


IMG_1404(2014 In his element!!)



This word has been on my mind all day today.  Bill and I are headed to Passion 2016 this weekend.  (we cannot wait!!) We are asking God to show us HIS perspective as we enter into 2016.

perspective– a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.  (outlook, position, attitude, frame of reference)

Websters definition of perspective–  (a) the interrelation in which a subject or its parts are mentally viewed (b) the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance   {Trying to maintain my perspective}


My “perspective” has been all over the place this holiday season.  Trying to keep a “handle” on what’s important.  We’ve been busy and overwhelmed with emotion since the unavoidable arrival of the one year of Warren’s death, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now the New Year.

Many days have been spent trying to gain perspective and/or keep perspective.  What was important?  Do we get a tree this year?  Should we spend the holidays with family or alone?  Travel or stay at home? Gifts or no gifts?  Laugh or cry? Anxious or calm?  Attend the party or decline the invitation?  Remember or choose to forget?  Memories…allow them to settle and remember fondly or avoid the excruciating pain they can bring?

Each of these moments can bring me into a downward spiral (which they sometimes do…) Or, in God’s tender mercy, He helps me to see things through the lense of Heaven…Eternity…where I will be Forever with Jesus & Warren!!!

Looking back with perspective…eternal perspective, I can see God’s faithfulness…His goodness…His love for us…and His very tender care over us during this last year, especially these last two or so months.

It is definitely easier to look back opposed to looking ahead.  My past…our last 13 months are secure.   God was faithful and He did what He promised.  He walked with us and never left us alone.  We “made it” because He was enough and through it all He was bigger than our hurt.  We know this because we’ve lived it and have seen Him miraculously meet us in our desperateness.

Perspective…I simply need to remind my weary heart of the awesomeness of God…even in the middle of my hurt.  He has been ENOUGH and He will be ENOUGH!!   It’s easy to get overwhelmed with life’s circumstances…I know of others who are facing situations, that are very much not what they thought of when they were making plans for 2016!

Jesus we want to SEE you.  Open our eyes Lord.  Open the eyes of our hearts and do not let us miss the MORE that you are offering.  As painful as it might be, we are trusting You with our wounds…Seeking the One who continues to be our ROCK and our REFUGE.

It has certainly been messy at times and my perspective has been challenged, but even still, God was and IS at work !!!  Whether I like it or not, 2016 is here and we are moving ONWARD & UPWARD!!

We will shine the light of Jesus and we will lean into the glory and brilliance of the Lord.

This last year was a year of BELIEVING with all our heart, mind and soul that Jesus Christ is Enough for Today and that our only HOPE is found in Him.  We know, that we know, that we know…He is the same yesterday, today and FOREVER….

As we move forward into 2016 we are claiming this scripture and asking God to continue giving us ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE.  

Arise [from spiritual depression to a new life], shine [be radiant with the glory and brilliance of the Lord]; for your light has come,
And the glory and brilliance of the Lord has risen upon you.

Isaiah 60:1





Our last Christmas with Warren…..Christmas 2013 in Gatlinburg, TN

It was pretty much the most wonderful Christmas ever!  Even if I’d known it would be our last, there isn’t much I would have changed…so thankful for such a wonderful memory, and one that truly warms my heart as I reflect back on it today.

Miss you so much bud…your laughter, your silliness & your tender heart toward your family.  Longing to be with you … So proud to be your Mom!  I love you, MORE!