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Hi! My name is Julie.  I am a daughter of the King.  My greatest treasure is Jesus Christ.  I love Him MORE and more every day.  When I leave this earth I know that I will spend  eternity in Heaven…My greatest desire is to live the rest of my life on earth pointing others to Jesus Christ – Our only Hope!

I am 42 years old and have been married for  20 years to my high school sweetheart.  He is my best friend and the person I still look forward to being with at the end of the day…every day!


We have two amazingly, wonderful children….Warren & Grace

On November 24th, 2014 (the weekend before Thanksgiving) our precious Warren(13) went home to be with Jesus.  He was the passenger on an ATV that flipped and ultimately caused trauma to his brain that was irreversible.  It was tragic.  It was sudden.  An accident that changed our family forever.  I didn’t get to say goodbye.  I just held him with tears streaming down my face as I begged God to save my boy, so that I could have him here, on earth with me. He was life flighted to Texas Children’s Hospital here in Houston where we were told that no surgery could “repair” the damage that had been caused on impact.  Friends and family immediately surrounded us at the hospital, and Warren took his last breath on earth and his first breath in Heaven  early Monday morning.

I miss him desperately…we all do.  He was an amazing 8th grade boy that loved Jesus, hunting, baseball…but MOSTLY he just loved being with his family.  He loved well….and knew he was loved.  We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is more ALIVE now than ever before.  We long for our reunion with him in Heaven!!




Our fun-loving, friendly, talented daughter is the bravest young woman I will ever know.  Her courage and strength are inspiring.  She was with her brother at the time of the accident and the pain of losing him has forever changed who she is and will ever be.  I see God working out His plan in her life every day.  I trust that her story, that is still unfolding, will reach many for His Kingdom.  I love this girl with my whole heart!



This grief journey has been more complicated than I can even describe.  The pain of Warren’s death has been unbearable…BUT GOD!!!!….

But…God..in our darkest hour has been MORE than we could have ever imagined.  The Peace and the Hope that we have found every day of this journey is unexplainable.  God continues to be BIGGER than our hurt.  He has shown up and held us when we couldn’t stand on our own two feet.

He has given us the strength to


He will be Enough For Today! 

 Jesus has been more real, more compassionate, more near to us during this time than I can even begin to explain.  Jesus, Only Jesus.  He is our Hope, our Strength, and  our Joy.  Yes!  Joy…Praise Jesus!

We have to choose every day to see this life through “eternal lenses”.  Fixing our eyes on Jesus…Seeking the things that are above…and Setting our minds on Heaven!  I long to love Jesus More!  My desire is that others would see Christ in our family even in our suffering.

Oh!  Come, Lord Jesus Come!  But until our glorious reunion with Warren, I want More of Him!  I want my life to be different and my testimony to point others to a relationship with Jesus Christ!

I am a wife, mother, daughter, and friend who lives with a broken heart… but in my brokenness I have found a loving Father that is in the process of making ALL THINGS NEW!!

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore. for the former things have passed away…. “Behold, I am making all things new.”  Revelation 21:4-5

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9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. We are listening, Julie. We are praying with you and for you. We pray for strength, wisdom and guidance as we all struggle with losing your precious son, and with so many trials and questions. Please know we love you! In our house, we praise our God with more determination and intention these days. We listen to praise music in our van non-stop, and that never, ever happened before! We are learning and loving and changing. Our love to you, Kate Keimig and family

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  2. My son passed away 4 months ago today. I miss him more each passing day. It’s difficult to share my pain with others because I don’t want sympathy. How can you move forward with life when everything reminds you of how much your son is missing…. A budding entertainment career, wife, children etc…


  3. Cheryl,
    I am so very sorry for your loss. 4 months and you are hurting and missing your son…your pain and fear of how to go on are so normal, and can seem overwhelming. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix. Allowing your heart time to heal is so important. Give in to the tears, laugh, mourn, remember, talk, sit quietly, say his name out loud (I often say Warrens name over and over in the car)…take a walk, or maybe a nap…
    It does get easier…You will become stronger.

    My faith in Jesus Christ is my “how”. When I am weak, He makes me strong! When I can’t stand, He holds me! When I cry, He catches every tear. When I just can’t do it anymore, He carries me through.
    I believe one day I will see Warren again in Heaven. I miss him very much, but having this as my future HOPE, I can move forward one step at a time. Praying for you…


  4. This just changed me to find out the real story of my teachers (Mrs.caterate was my teacher) substitutes son . I might not know y’all but now I feel like I dp


  5. Julie,
    So very sorry to read about the tragic loss you and your husband Bill, ( and Family) have experienced in the passing of your son -Warren.
    Your faith is your rock ; is both admirable and inspiring.
    My children & nieces and nephews ride ATVs and gator frequently at the Grandparents – and since I had an employee’s young 15 year old sister pass under similar circumstances, I am always extremely cautious , reminding them to be have fun but be safe, even stil this passed Thanksgiving, my youngest of 9 was driving the gator – hit a tree – and bruised abdomen when struck steering wheel . Then same child recently thrown from horse and stepped on, rebruised lungs and and tear in spleen. Fortunately after 3 days in hospital – was released for 2 months light duty… I say this to say, every time the fall or leave my site, my prayers for them are continuos , for our Dearest Father to protect and watch over them. I realize how precious and fragile life is, and every moment should not be taken for granite.
    You will be reunited one day.
    God bless your Family!
    Darin W. Barfield & Family


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